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Welcome to the help library. This information we provide here is focused primarily on helping people learn how to use the web maps and services we publish.


Basemap Gallery – This widget presents a gallery of basemaps and allows you to select one from the gallery as the application’s new basemap.


Draw – This widget allows you to create graphics that display on the map. It optionally adds line distance or polygon area to the feature as text.


Home Button – This widget zooms the map to the initial map extent.


Layer List – This widget provides a list of operational layers and their symbols, and allows you to turn individual layers on and off. Each layer in the list has a check box that allows you to easily control its visibility. Layers having expansion arrows indicate that they contain sublayers or subtypes. The order in which layers appear in this widget corresponds to the layer order in the map. This widget provides functionality allowing you to change the order of layers in the map.


Legend – This widget displays labels and symbols for layers in the map.


Measurement – This widget allows you to measure the area of a polygon, length of a line, or find the coordinates of a point.


My Location – This widget allows the network to detect your physical location and zoom the map to it.


Print – This widget connects the web application with a printing service to allow the current map to print.


Query This widget allows you to retrieve information from source data by executing a predefined query. Clicking the Query widget displays the list of predefined queries. Selecting a query displays the options for executing it. Many of the queries require you to enter a text string.  You can use ” % ” as a wildcard to find any number of characters before, in the middle , or end of your query string.


Zoom In/Out This widget allows you to zoom in and out of the map.  You can also zoom in using a mouse wheel, or holding down Shift + Left Mouse button and dragging a box to define a new map extent.  If using a mobile device or touch screen pinching in and out will also zoom you in and out of the map.




Find Address – This widget will search for and zoom to a street address that you enter. This is a New Hanover County search so you only need to enter the street number and street name when searching.  Whenever possible please reference the address point layer, parcel polygon layer, or aerial photographs to confirm the actual address location you are seeking.


Information Pop-up – If pop-ups have been configured for a map layer, simply click on the map feature, or touch from a mobile device, and a pop-up window will appear with information about that feature.  Many of the pop-ups include hyperlinks which will link you to additional information about that feature. Often information about multiple features from different map layers are returned. In the example above you can see the information for “(1 of 2)” features.  To show information on the second feature click the white arrow that appears on the right side of the blue pop-up banner.


Attribute Table This widget displays a tabular view of operational layers’ attributes. Clicking on the small “up arrow” located at the bottom the map window will open the attribute table.


You can also open the attribute table from the Layer List menu by clicking the Open Attribute Table option. The table can be resized or closed. When more than one layer’s attributes display, multiple tabs automatically generate in the attribute panel allowing you to switch among the attribute tables.


With the attribute table open, you can:

  • Select a record—Clicking a record in the table selects it and highlights the corresponding feature in the map with the color specified in the Attribute Table widget configuration window. Press the Shift or Ctrl key to select multiple records.
  • Clear selections—Clicking the Clear Selection button clears all selections.
  • Zoom to selected features—Clicking Zoom to resets the map extent to center around selected features.
  • Refresh—Clicking Refresh refreshes the tables.
  • Sort a field—Clicking a field heading sorts the records by this field.
  • Show or hide columns—Clicking the + icon on the right side of the Attribute Table panel opens the field visibility window. Check or uncheck the fields to set them to visible or invisible in the table.
  • Select Additional Options to:
    • Show Selected Records—Only displays selected records.
    • Show Related Records—Displays related records if a selected record has related table.
    • Filter by Map Extent—Only displays attributes for features within the current map extent.
    • Show or Hide Columns—Equivalent to clicking the + icon on the right side of the panel to set visibility for individual fields.
    • Export to CSV—Exports the attributes to a CSV file. If records are selected, only the selected records are exported. If no records are selected, all the records are exported.


For the best performance with the ArcGIS Online website, use the latest version of a browser listed below.

IE 9 and higher. Versions 7 and 8 have limited support.

  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • iOS Safari
  • Android Browser
  • Chrome for Android
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