GIS Users

There’s no need to download and store a separate copy of our data.

If you are an existing GIS user,  you can connect to our published GIS data directly from your ArcGIS desktop.  You can access our aerial photographs, roads, addresses, parcels, and dozens of other NHC GIS features, add them to your map document, and save it for future use and reference.

If you are using ArcGIS software, you may already be familiar with the number of ways that you can work with the GIS web services we publish.

To learn more about how to use our data in your GIS please expand and explore the panels below.

ArcCatalog and the Catalog window in ArcGIS for Desktop allow you to add and save a connection to our ArcGIS Server site, where you can view and use the services we publish directly in your ArcGIS Desktop software.

How To Create a Connection:

  1. In the ArcCatalog tree, expand the GIS Servers node.
  2. Double-click Add ArcGIS Server.
  3. Choose Use GIS Services and click Next.
  4. For the Server URL, type “
  5. Leave the User Name and Password blank, and you will connect anonymously
  6. Click Finish.
  7. Your connection appears in the GIS Servers node in the ArcCatalog tree.
  8. Optionally, rename your connection. To do so, right-click the connection in the Catalog tree and choose Rename.

You are now connected to our ArcGIS server site, which you can utilize to view and use the GIS services we publish.

The illustrations provided below may help you though the process:








For quick access, and to explore our published services, go directly to our REST service directory using your browser:

Here you will find a collection of the GIS services we have published. Expanding the folders will list the stored services.  Expanding a service will provide details, such as a description of the service, and a description of service layers, which includes details about the geometry type and attribute fields.

With the REST Services Directory, you can browse the contents of the GIS services we have published and get service-level metadata, or navigate a series of links to view information about each service. The links also allow you to preview how your service looks in ArcMap, a Web browser, Google Earth, and other options.

Each published layer can also be queried directly from the REST services directory using the supported Query operation and form.

The REST Services Directory is a view of the ArcGIS Server REST API in HTML format. By browsing the contents of our REST Services Directory you can find and obtain information that can be useful when developing applications.

The REST Services Directory works using REST. REST is an architectural style that allows ArcGIS Server to reveal a hierarchy of information about itself through endpoints, or URLs. When you use the REST Services Directory, you navigate through a series of links to discover information about the server. Each time you click a link, you see a new page that reveals additional information about what’s available on the server. The information that you see on the page is retrieved through REST using the page’s URL.

When you develop applications with the JavaScript APIs, you must provide URLs to services and the layers and functionality they expose. The REST Services Directory provides an interactive way for you to construct those URLs through several Supported Operations functions.



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