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Maps are a great way to tell the story of a place, event, issue, trend, or pattern in a geographic setting. Interactive story maps are fun, compelling, and help us all better understand our world.

Wilmington Massacre and Coup d’état of 1898 – Storymap

Explore the history of Wilmington through this map journal, which features a map of historic landmarks, photographs, and a narrative timeline. Together these elements present the events surrounding the Wilmington Massacre and Coup d’état of 1898, where the local government was violently overthrown and black citizens and prominent business owners were killed or driven out of town.

New Hanover County’s Green Book Sites

In 1936, Harlem postal worker Victor H. Green began publishing The Negro Motorist Green-Book. This guide helped African Americans navigate the nation’s highways and byways. It provided listings of safe stopping places. For a small sum, African American travelers could buy the guide and plan trips with some sense of security that they could find places where they would be served along the highways. This map shows these Green Book sites located in New Hanover County, NC.







Plan NHC

A new interactive story map will be coming soon to illustrate the process of “Visualizing the Future”.

New Hanover County is creating the first Comprehensive Plan for the County.


This will be a document, used as a guide, to address our county’s current development trends, determine a vision for how the community would like to see New Hanover County develop over the next twenty five years, and determine a plan for how to achieve this vision. For additional information, please the Plan NHC Website to see how you can get involved.



New Hanover County’s Capital Improvement Projects for fiscal year 2021-22.

Capital Improvement Projects

New Hanover County’s Parks Improvement Projects for FY 2021-22.

Parks Improvement Projects

Keep checking back, we hope to publish new story maps soon.

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