New Hanover County Maps

Welcome to New Hanover County’s GIS portal. Here you will find access to mapping applications, GIS services*, and ready to use informational products. We endeavor to publish relevant, timely data and applications that are focused, easy to use, and flexible enough to work on both web and mobile platforms.  Directly below are quick links to helpful and informative maps from our ArcGIS sites.

County Maps

Basic Map

A simple map for general use. Provides access to common mapping layers and tools.

Parcel Look-Up

Find and view parcels and tax information for all real property records in New Hanover County.


Find information about active emergency events, shelter locations, and evacuation routes.

County Offices

Find local government offices in New Hanover County.

Development Activity

Find current development activity like rezoning applications, special use permits, and text amendments.

Construction Permits

Identify, filter, and extract, info on construction activity, ie; building permits, trade permits, certificates of occupancy.

Flood Areas

Review the location and extents of the FEMA Special Flood Hazard Areas within New Hanover County, NC.

Where Do I Vote?

Not sure where to vote? Use this service to identify the polling location for each voting precinct in New Hanover County, NC.


What watershed do you live in? Use this service to view watersheds in New Hanover County, NC


Story Maps & Current Issues

Interactive maps are a great way to tell stories about current local issues and efforts. Access and explore our collection of maps here.

Population & Demographics

A collection of maps and information, related to the social, economic, and cultural characteristics of our area.

Conservation & Environment

A collection of maps and data that focuses on conservation, the environment, and natural features within New Hanover County, NC.

More Maps

Find and access more web mapping services and applications here, including elevation contours, land development characteristics, fire insurance ratings, and more.

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